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DWV adds further to technician team

DWV has recently appointed Myles as a new technician, and as is the case with all new additions to the technician team, Myles has gone through the DWV induction process to ensure he can provide a high quality service to our customers.

Myles completed tasks such as sanding and mixing paint, and has also been trained on the new UV products being rolled out throughout the DWV network, which you can read more about here.

DWV adds further to technician team
Myles (L) and Chris Wood, DWV Managing Director

Chris Wood, DWV Managing Director said: “It’s wonderful that DWV can continue to add to its ranks and expand our service capabilities even further. Myles has flown through the induction process and I am sure that he will be another technician DWV can rely on to provide excellent levels of service for customers around the UK.”

As repairs volumes grow during the summer, the addition of Myles will prove very valuable to the DWV team. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the DWV ranks, please visit this page and apply online.

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