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DWV’s hero Technician

DWV’s hero Technician

The quick thinking of one of DWV’s Technicians recently helped save an elderly gentleman that was found lying unconscious in a garden.

The following message was sent to DWV from the gentleman’s neighbour:

I would just like to congratulate your firm, and in particular your technician Steve Bewick. I will of course comment on Trustpilot too.

Steve was extremely friendly and judging by the quality of his work, a very talented and hardworking employee. He was supremely professional and informative.

During his time completing repairs, a neighbour and his wife had two quite serious medical issues which necessitated the attendance of two ambulances. Steve’s support in helping to manage these issues was invaluable. He showed a level of calmness and compassion which was admirable, and extremely efficient. My neighbours, one of whom is still in hospital, would like me to pass this information on to his employers. They both are extremely grateful for his help and assistance.

Thank you so much!

On a side note, Steve also managed to pull a bumper repair forward in the afternoon. Well done Steve!

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