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DWV’s Mike – The MX-5 Owner’s Technician of Choice!

DWV franchisee Mike Mullin recently attended his fifth Mazda MX-5 show gathering in Northampton, organised by the MX-5 Owners Club.

Mike has been a long-time visitor and, in his time, has repaired many Mazda MX-5s – a car that has a very passionate following. Mike was delighted to attend the show and meet so many motor enthusiasts, while performing his brilliant repair work for the owners that needed it. DWV is building somewhat of a reputation for making waves at car shows and gatherings – like our CarFest attendance this year!

Mike provided his first-rate service, highlighting our new theme of ‘Car TLC? Think DWV’. He showed this to be more than true by fixing over 20 owners’ pride and joys! We are trusted to perform repairs on cars that owners are truly passionate about. If we didn’t provide a fantastic result, they wouldn’t keep relying on us to deliver! That’s why you can depend on DWV.

Thanks to his excellent work, Mike will be appearing in the MX-5 Owners club magazine – you’ve done DWV proud Mike!

Mike said: “The MX-5 Club has always been very good to me, and me to them! I enjoy working on MX-5s and I look forward to seeing and repairing more in the future.”

If you need a repair on your MX-5, or any other car for that matter, DWV has got you covered. With a 4.8/5 Trustpilot rating, you can trust DWV to perform top-notch repairs on your car.

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