Welcome to our FAQ page, where we have put together some of the commonly asked questions to give you as much information as possible. We hope we have covered everything, however if we haven’t and you still have some unanswered questions, feel free to email us at customerservice@dwv.co.uk, or give us a call on 01133 011800.

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Do I need to be on site for the full time of the repair?

Yes, you or a person you authorise will need to be present, as the technician will ask for your permission to start work on your car. You will also be asked to confirm you are happy with the repair once the work is complete.

Can someone else be present during the repair if I can’t be there?

Our preference is that the owner of the vehicle is there to give pre and post repair approval, however if this is not possible you can authorise a suitable person to do this for you. Please inform us beforehand of their name so our Technician is aware. You can call us on 01133 011800 to do this.

How long is the warranty on the repair?

We provide a 2 year warranty on repairs provided under an insurance or repair club product.

Do I need to wash my car prior to the repair?

The area of repair needs to be clean and free of debris. Please only clean your vehicle with warm water and a suitable mild car cleaning detergent. Do not use any silicon-based cleaners, waxing agents or tyre shine products, as these will affect our ability to conduct the repair.

What do I do if I am unhappy with the quality of repair?

We endeavour to complete all repairs to a high standard. We conduct over 100k repairs each year and over 98% of customers are happy with the repair quality we provide. However, if you are unhappy with the outcome of your repair please contact our customer service team immediately on 01133 011800.

Will this repair affect the value of my vehicle?

Repairs are completed using the best quality paints and materials and all our Technicians are fully skilled in minor vehicle bodywork repair. We aim to put your vehicle back in to the position it was in prior to the damage occurring, therefore this should not affect the value of your vehicle.

How do I look after the repair once it’s been completed?

Please do not wash the area of repair for at least 48 hours after the repair.

In the case of alloy wheel repairs, please make sure that you check the wheel nut torque setting after 20 minutes or 10 miles of driving, as the securing nuts are made from different metals, which can expand and contract at different rates causing them to loosen.

What is the name of the engineer who will repair my car?

We will send you a text message with the Technicians name and phone number the day prior to the repair. Up until that point we are unable to confirm which Technician will attend, as last minute changes to repair appointments could change the Technician allocated to your repair.

How will you match the paint colour of my car?

All cars have a colour code provided by the manufacturer. We use this code to find the exact match for the colour. Our Technicians are equipped with the most up to date paint colour matching system that can mix over 20k colours and shades.

If in the very rare occasion that our Technician cannot find a suitable colour match, we will endeavour to source a solution from a specialist paint provider or the vehicle manufacturer and re-book your appointment.

What is the quality standard of a minor cosmetic repair?

We always aim to provide a faultless finish. Our guarantee is to always provide a repair that will not be visible from a one-meter viewing distance.

What happens if it’s raining at the time of the repair?

We can usually go ahead and conduct the repair if it is raining. Technicians carry a specialist repair tent that can be put over the vehicle to shelter the repair from rain. However, if in the case of extreme weather conditions the Technician may need to re-appoint the repair.

I can’t find my locking wheel nut key, can you still go ahead and repair my alloy wheel?

Our standard process is to remove the wheel prior to the repair. If the wheel cannot be removed, the Technician will assess if the damage can be repaired to our usual standard while the wheel remains on the car.

I have been offered a non-guaranteed repair by your Technician, what is that?

We always aim to provide a faultless finish when repairing a customers car. Sometimes the size or location of the damage means we cannot achieve this, however we can significantly improve it.

A non-guaranteed repair means that although the repair will greatly improve the look of the damaged area, it may still be visible. A non-guaranteed repair does not carry our usual warranty.

My alloy wheels are corroded, can you still repair them?

Although a temporary repair to a corroded alloy wheel is possible, the corrosion will come back through over time. For that reason we do not repair corrosion to alloy wheels.

Do you repair diamond cut alloy wheels?

Yes, we provide a cosmetic repair to diamond cut wheels.

A cosmetic repair means that our Technician will replicate the diamond cut finish of the wheel using a chrome effect paint. The repair will not be noticeable from a one-meter viewing distance.

How long will it take the Technician to do the repair on my wheel?

We set aside an hour for a wheel repair to take place. This includes removal and refitting, so please ensure you have the locking wheel nut to hand.

My insurance policy has run out, but I have some damages I would like you to repair – can I pay for damages to be repaired without an insurance policy?

Yes, we are happy to receive private repair requests. Simply go to our website www.dwv.co.uk, click on ‘Get a quote’, complete the information required and attach photos of the damage. Upon receipt, our customer service team will respond with a competitive quotation.

Is it possible to get my alloys and my bodywork damage done at the same time by the same Technician?

We always try to complete multiple repairs at the same time, however sometimes this is not always possible depending on location as the repairs are allocated to Technicians based on their skillset and availability.

What happens if I no longer own the car now, but I have a repair date booked in?

Please contact us immediately and we will remove this booking from our system so you don’t receive any further communications.

Email: customerservice@dwv.co.uk (please put your vehicle registration number in the subject line).

Phone: 01133 011800 (option 1).

What our customers say...

Absolutely amazing service! Our technician came out to us on a Sunday and sorted the scratch out on my car so quickly! Looks good as new. He was also very friendly! Would definitely recommend! Thanks again!

Mr R

The technician carried out repairs to my car today expertly and efficiently. Very impressed with the service he provided. Highly recommend DWV.

Miss Khan

The guy turned up on time, he was very courteous and got on with the job. When the job was complete he showed me the work that he had done and you couldn’t tell the difference between the old and new paint.I would have no hesitation of recommending this company.

Miss Johnson

Wayne from DWV repaired 4 alloy wheels for me today. Minimum fuss, really efficient service, friendly & courteous. Wheels look like new & I can highly recommend him.

Mrs Hodgson

Great prompt and efficient service. Much appreciated and very convenient! Would recommend to others!

Mr Adams