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Life of a franchisee: Jordan Perez

At DWV, we want to provide a more unfiltered view of what life is like as a DWV franchisee, so that we can get a more in depth look at what life is like operating a DWV franchise.

The latest blog focuses on Jordan Perez, who operates a Flying Colours franchise under the DWV umbrella in north west London. Keep on reading and discover what it takes to become a successful franchisee with DWV.

Life of a franchisee: Jordan Perez DWV franchisee

Jordan Perez

When you purchase a franchise from DWV, the company will give you all of the tools and support you need to make your franchise successful.

However, please be aware it is not a walk in the park, and you must ensure you have the right mentality and tools to be able to run your own business. Your plan needs to be more than just being a man with a van running a franchise.

In order to succeed, you must seek to dominate your area and local postcodes in SMART repairs, and aspire to be the leaders of alloy wheels refurbs. Think ahead: have a one-year plan, a three-year plan, have as many people employed as you can afford, and keep yourself busy.

Meanwhile, whilst you are focusing on your jobs, it is important that you employ office staff to monitor the books, and employ technicians to do the work while you are out there looking for more.

Usually, a workday for me would be to wake up in the morning, look at all the enquiries that have come in the day before, and get as many in as I can. I can’t afford to be complacent, so I must continue to check up on technicians for the day and make sure they all know what they are doing.

My advice to other technicians would be to make sure you go to some jobs yourself and quote; don’t leave everything to your staff! Communicate with your customers as well as your workers. Speak with potential clients so you can try and get more work for your technicians to do.

After all that during the day, I like to go home and have a well-deserved beer!

Some examples of the excellent work from Jordan’s Team

Want to learn more about franchising with DWV?

Starting a franchise with DWV Franchise and their team means you will be working with an established brand in a thriving industry. With roughly 33 million cars on the UK roads, it is a given that at some point in their lives, they will sustain some minor damage – damage that DWV and their team are able to repair.

Become your own boss, and balance your personal and professional lives with an amazing opportunity to work for a leading brand in the automotive repair industry.

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