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Dent Repairs dent repair,car bodywork repairs,mobile bodywork repairs

Why choose DWV for your car dent repair?

As one of the leading purveyors of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), DWV is the first choice when it comes to dent repairs. DWV has over 30 years of experience and has become a pioneer in car bodywork repairs, paint repair, and alloy wheel refurbishment and repair.

If you’re coming to the end of a PCP or lease agreement and are worried about the end of contract repair costs, don’t worry. If your dent damage has not chipped, scratched, or scuffed the paint, then we have a very quick and affordable repair solution to the problem.

Our mobile car repair technicians can complete the repair from your home or place of work, using the utmost professionalism, knowledge, and experience towards providing car repair solutions so you can get your car looking as good as new again. Get in touch via our online form to receive a free quote today.

Dent Repairs dent repair,car bodywork repairs,mobile bodywork repairs

Rated 5 stars by Our customers

At DWV, seeing our customers happy is everything. We take pride in the excellent vehicle repair services we provide to our customers and are proud to serve the nation in providing industry-leading mobile dent repairs, paint repairs, and alloy wheel refurbishment and repair.

A dedicated and comprehensive mobile vehicle repair service to the insurance sector, motor industry, auctions and remarketing, leasing and contract hire companies, corporate and to the general public is the reason why we carry out more than 190,000 car repairs each year. 

Customers range from large businesses to private individuals, providing industry-leading car repair services across the whole of the UK. Our customers love sharing feedback. Here at DWV, we think it’s a key indicator of how professional and reliable our mobile car body repair technicians can be. 

With a commitment to providing a consistent, professional, and flexible service to our customers, this is the reason why we have earned a 5-star rating on Trustpilot from many thousands of happy customers.

Dent Repairs dent repair,car bodywork repairs,mobile bodywork repairs

What is included in DWV’s car dent repair service?

As part of our service, mobile repair technicians can fix your car at home or work, available at a time that is best for you. Our specialist mobile repair technicians offer a flexible and convenient service which is tailored towards making our customers happy!

Our expert technicians, alongside over 30 years of experience in the market, are the reasons why DWV is the leading supplier of car body and alloy wheel repairs. We use the latest equipment to help ensure your car is looking as good as new so if the dent damage does not require painting, we can fix the damage with minimum fuss, restoring your car to its original condition.

Looking for car dent repairs near you?

DWV understands that it can be challenging fitting in time to arrange for a full or partial car repair. DWV has a team of specialist mobile car repair technicians on hand to repair your car at short notice, wherever you are, there is no need to come to us, our mobile dent repair technicians come to you. 

No matter how careful you are, minor dents and bodywork damage can still happen through an accidental scrape or another driver opening their door into your car. There is no need to claim from your insurance and potentially affect your No Claims Discount. What’s even better is that most car repairs cost less than your insurance excess fee. If you have been involved in an accident, or need a car dent repair or scuffs remedying, then our expert mobile repair technicians are required. 

How does DWV carry out car dent repairs and refurbishment?

DWV’s paintless dent removal specialists complete demanding training in our purpose-built training academy so that our customers can be served with the highest degree of knowledge, experience, and professionalism. 

Our paintless dent repair service does not involve the need for paint at all nor does it requiring filling dents and sanding down the vehicles bodywork. Throughout this process, DWV’s dent repair experts will use various equipment to gradually release the indentation back to the normal shape of the car body.  

Our dent repair techniques mean that we focus on repairing the areas that need attention, rather than removing panels or materials from the vehicle. This means we can provide a quick and affordable service to our customers. Using the latest equipment and industry-leading expertise, our mobile car repair technicians fix your dent within hours.

Mobile car bodywork repair price estimate (UK)

DWV is not only the first-choice option for mobile car bodywork repairs because of our experience and expertise, but also due to our competitive pricing.

With over 30 years of experience, rest assured, DWV will always provide you with an estimate as to how much you can expect to pay for repairs to your car before our mobile car bodywork repair technicians are sent to your location. 

To get a free quote, head over to our contact form. Simply fill in your details, specify the car model, the damage to your car bodywork, your location, and any additional images you wish to attach. 

We will respond with a free quote as soon as we can, assisting you with all of the necessary support and information you may require to get your car bodywork repaired.

Some typical dent damages that DWV technicians can repair.

Benefits of using DWV for car dent repair and refurbishment

  • Professional repairs for dents and dings to bodywork
  • We come to you! There’s no need to bring your car to us, our mobile technicians can repair your car at your home or at work
  • Peace of mind – DWV completes over 800 repairs a day nationally, with over 98% customer satisfaction
  • Our dent repair technicians undergo rigorous in-house training and use industry-leading equipment to ensure the best finish possible
Dent Repairs dent repair,car bodywork repairs,mobile bodywork repairs
Dent Repairs dent repair,car bodywork repairs,mobile bodywork repairs

national coverage

Highly trained technicians based around the country.

Dent Repairs dent repair,car bodywork repairs,mobile bodywork repairs

professional repairs

Quick, affordable and quality repairs. Our mobile technicians will come to you.

Dent Repairs dent repair,car bodywork repairs,mobile bodywork repairs

guaranteed repairs

No quibble guarantee if the quality of the repair fails within two years (excluding lathe skim alloy repairs, which is 6 months).

Dent Repairs dent repair,car bodywork repairs,mobile bodywork repairs


We are rated “excellent” on Trustpilot, so your vehicle is in safe hands.

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