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DWV environmental statement

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Environmental Statement

DWV understands the concerns that many people have regarding the future of our planet and aims to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner whenever possible.

We are aware of the severity of climate change and are committed to contributing to the solution rather than the problem. We do this by taking responsibility for the way we work and how it impacts the environment for future generations.

DWV is a responsible, environmentally conscious repairer and in 2021 we have been working hard to ensure the following:

  • Achieving ISO 14001, the standard for environmental performance
  • We always only repair, instead of replacing
  • Using water-based VOC-compliant paints
  • Minimising the travel of our technicians through the investment in our logistical planning system
  • Constantly looking for ways to reducing the number of consumables used without affecting quality, such as lacquers, solvents and thinners etc. We originally used over 100 products, but have now reduced to 20 products
  • Piloting UV paints and primers instead of the standard way of using a combination of materials such as abrasives, spreaders and fillers. This means an overall reduction in materials used and less waste
  • Our new 3M polishing system reduces waste by more than 50%, and using one bottle instead of four
  • Fitting our offices with low energy equipment, motion sensor lighting and only using 100% renewable energy suppliers
  • Recycling and reusing any packaging cardboard
  • Use of aerosols – we are actively looking to make this more environmentally friendly
  • Training our Technicians to work on hybrid/electric vehicles, so we are prepared for an inevitable move towards environmentally friendly modes of transport

DWV is fully committed to reducing emissions and lowering the impact on the environment, and the points above help to hit this message home. We will continue to evaluate our processes to see if there are any more sustainable options we can take, as we continue to prepare the business for the future.

DWV Environmental Statement

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DWV Environmental Statement
DWV Environmental Statement