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DWV achieves ISO environmental standard

DWV achieves ISO environmental standard iso standard

Dent Wizard Ventures (DWV) has achieved the required standard to be certified under ISO 14001, the standard for environmental performance.

ISO 14001 sets out a group of rules that have been created to help companies continuously improve their contribution to the environment. The goal of the standard is for firms to create an Environmental Management System that is capable of identifying, controlling and reducing the environmental impact of business activities, products and services.

Obtaining this certification is one element of DWV’s current environmental strategy. Other steps the company has taken to reduce their impact on the environment is by switching to energy saving motion sensor lights in offices, a recent switch to 100% renewable energy suppliers, and the use of a specialist waste management company to ensure all hazardous waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Chris Wood, DWV Managing Director says “Achieving the ISO 14001 standard is another fantastic milestone for DWV. Our latest commitments to reducing our impact on the environment have made a significant difference, but our work must continue towards preserving the environment as much as we possibly can. Continuous improvement is always one of our priorities, and that extends far beyond our SMART repair services.”

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