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10 reasons why you should become a DWV franchisee

Some businesses are complicated without reason. Though DWV has invested heavily in development and equipment, the franchise packages on offer are simple, with the focus on the franchisee running a profitable long-term partnership whilst representing the brand with pride.

A network of trained and experienced technicians repair minor damage like paint scratches, scuffs, stone chips, dents and alloy wheels scuffs. Working from fully equipped SMART repair vans they service retail, motor dealers and corporate clients. Each franchisee has an exclusive area and DWV, with over 30 years of experience in the UK, give constant support and training. Unlike other opportunities available, the franchisee is the boss, but also part of the DWV family whose support is there to ensure success.

10 reasons why you should become a DWV franchisee franchise opportunity

Opportunities everywhere you look

Backed by an established group with a large volume of warranty work

As part of the Car Care Plan group, DWV receives a large number of warranty claims from the group on a daily basis. In 2020, this exceeded 200,000 claims and the franchisee can look forward to a constant demand for work with car dealerships, fleet and lease companies, insurance companies and the general public. A working franchise model that is backed by an established group with an in-demand product invites closer examination if you are looking to be your own boss. With DWV, you are your own boss and part of the DWV family.

Multiple territories for work

Larger franchise areas give more opportunities
10 reasons why you should become a DWV franchisee franchise opportunity

The franchise territories provided by DWV give the franchisee an opportunity to grow the business in trading areas with a vast number of potential customers. Other franchises usually offer a residential population of around 250,000 – the DWV area will have a minimum of 400,000, enabling franchisees to penetrate and grow a substantial business in a manageable area. The opportunity for warranty and auction work is ongoing and the initial guarantee of corporate work volumes for the first three months also ensures the franchisee hits the ground running.

Services are in demand

Customers love the convenient and professional approach from DWV

Instead of customers booking in, sometimes weeks in advance, and taking time off work, DWV franchisees are mobile and carry out body and wheel repairs on their doorstep. This added convenience and prompt service is appreciated by customers, and is incredibly rewarding for franchisees. The quick turnaround on the premises also takes all the hassle away from dealerships. When a fully equipped DWV repair van arrives on the forecourt, a prompt and efficient repair is soon underway. Minimum time and minimum fuss from a local DWV representative saves hours, often days. This is why DWV is the ideal choice for mobile vehicle repairs.

Launch a franchise with an established name

A name that is trusted nationwide, and a product known worldwide

DWV is one of the UK’s leading mobile vehicle repair specialists and has been ‘the people you can trust’ for over 30 years. Not only have its services stood the test of time, but have also been updated as new technology emerges. Dent Wizard was established in America in the 1980s and has been a pioneer of paintless dent removal (PDR). Dent Wizard, Wheel Wizard and Flying Colours operate in the UK under licence from the USA. A franchise at DWV has peace of mind knowing they are backed by innovative world leaders using the latest technology and the trusted name – Dent Wizard.

High levels of support

Franchisees receive dedicated support from the Hub
10 reasons why you should become a DWV franchisee franchise opportunity

DWV recognises that supplying fully equipped mobile vans alongside a trusted name with an efficient process is not enough; franchisees need more. They need support, and that is why the dedicated DWV Franchise Hub is on hand to help. Newsletters, updates, best practice guides with top tips and guidance on how to grow your business help the franchisee make the most of their new business. The hub also supplies training tips and marketing know-how. Marketing material, social media support with branded templates, discounts and supplier offers are part of the package. Franchisees also benefit from promotion of the brand nationally as well as DWV matching local marketing spend.

DWV wants you to succeed

Removing the hassles allowing the franchise to expand

The DWV franchise model is both workable and uncomplicated. No one wants to complete invoicing and payroll at night after a busy day in the field, or take time out of the day’s schedule to carry out credit control. Invoicing, payroll, credit control and a majority of the paperwork is carried out in-house, as part of your management fees, allowing the franchisee to ensure all jobs are carried out on time and the franchise is able to look after priorities such as building business relationships locally and expanding. Get it right from the start, prioritise and use the help available.

Take control of your business

Be your own boss

Unlock the shackles of employment, take charge and be in control of your own destiny. As a franchisee you will be able to manage your own territory and expand the business and your income with hard work and determination. Many people who take the leap into self-employment or create new businesses are left to their own devices, which can be frightening. DWV is different and does not let franchisees struggle without help. Backed by a recognised established brand with a dedicated support hub, a network of help is available for every part of the business – and the franchisee still moulds their own future.

10 reasons why you should become a DWV franchisee franchise opportunity

Join a proven franchisor

Use a tried and tested franchise model

DWV has been awarding franchises for over 20 years with franchisees becoming long-term partners. The company does not look at franchise agreements as just a cash return on a license. They insist the prospective franchisee must want and have the desire to succeed, and have the ability to represent a brand they are proud of. The process is selective and DWV does not seek short-term solutions, but long-term partnerships where both parties succeed. The ability to build relationships and grow them with potential clients and to work “on” the business, not “in” it is essential.

To encourage you to grow your dealership and private customer base, the franchisor offers a potential rebate on fees on private work over and above a realistic and achievable target – this is open ended!

DWV will make you even better

Dedicated to training and continued improvement

DWV is dedicated to training and continuous improvement. Franchisees and their employees can benefit from hands-on training at dedicated new facilities at the DWV head office in Leeds. State-of-the-art equipment has been installed including new mixing rooms, spray booths and workstations alongside a well-appointed training classroom. A detailed Technician’s handbook, featuring training notes and guidelines, is also provided.

Development sessions help franchises expand their business help businesses expand and improve processes with business growth modules and analysis of finances that affect franchisees. The website also features dedicated franchise pages.

Automotive innovations, such as the increase in electrical vehicles, have added more training opportunities for the Network, to ensure we are up to speed and aware of the different challenges electric vehicles bring to the automotive arena of SMART repair.

Expand your horizons

Widen your customer base by providing additional repairs

Through DWV’s training programmes, franchisees and technicians can expand the services they offer so that they increase their customer base. With opportunities available to provide wheel refurbishment, paint repair and dent repair all under the same roof, franchisees will never be short of work.

At the end of the day, more customers means more repairs, and therefore means more income. With DWV, you can maximise your capabilities and be supported throughout by a well-recognised, national brand with the experience to help you succeed.

There are also a series of business growth workshops and training sessions available to the Network to help them become more comfortable working “on” the business rather than “in” it, and understanding key business principles to aid growth, stability and profitability.

10 reasons why you should become a DWV franchisee franchise opportunity


DWV wants to talk to anyone keen to join the Network; people who have the desire to grow and develop a business, taking control of their future. The ability to build relationships and grow them with potential clients is essential as is the ability to be proactive regarding lead generation and follow up.

If you would like to know more about being your own boss and joining the DWV family, please click the link below, and for more information follow DWV on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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