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Diamond Cut Alloys

When it comes to car styling, diamond-cut alloys are one of the most popular options. Most high-end manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes usually include diamond-cut alloys on their vehicles as standard.

So, why are diamond-cut alloys so popular? Diamond-cut alloys are considered prestige and can add value to your car in the long run. They can give your car a sportier, and more desirable appearance, giving it that “wow” factor.

What is the difference between normal alloy wheels, and diamond cut alloys?

Normal alloy wheels are usually finished in one colour, using powder coating or a wet spray technique. Diamond-cut alloys can have a two-tone effect, with a part polished metal face, and a layer of special lacquer over the top for protection.

For diamond-cut alloys, we use a special, state-of-the-art lathe machine with specific computer software to precisely cut and shave the face of the alloy. In turn, this leaves a high-shine effect, similar to a DVD.

Today, diamond-cut alloys are very popular with many car manufacturers opting for them as standard. However, if you have recently purchased, or leased a new car it may be worth checking to see if you have diamond-cut alloys. You can check by looking closely at your alloy. Diamond-cut alloys will have faint lines from where the lathe has cut the metal. However, if your alloys are old or corroded, it may be more difficult to tell.

Can I have my wheels Diamond Cut?

If you already have diamond-cut alloys, we can safely repair or refurbish them approximately 2-3 times. After that, we may recommend opting for powder-coating as diamond cutting may risk removing too many layers from the alloy, leaving it thin and more prone to cracking.

If you do not already have diamond-cut alloys, contact our experts who will be able to advise you on whether diamond-cutting is suitable for your vehicle. Depending on the profile and face, not all wheels can be diamond-cut, but if it is not suitable, we may recommend powder-coating, which we can make appear diamond-cut.

How do I get my wheels refurbished?

If you want to retain the original look of your wheel, or simply upgrade the appearance of your car, then you will need the help of our specialist wheel experts.

Diamond-cut alloys require a specialist lathe machine to cut the face of the wheel and remove any corrosion or damage. We will then reapply several coats of lacquer to protect the wheel from weather damage and corrosion.

As with any wheel repair, you should always seek the help of a trained professional to refurbish your diamond-cut alloys. If the profile of the wheel is not mapped out correctly, too much of the face of the wheel can be cut away, which may render the wheel unsafe, and prone to cracking. You may also be left with a dull finish or deep grooves within the cut.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of diamond-cut alloys is the aesthetic appeal, they allow for more intricate, complex designs which adds to the overall curb appeal of the car. This helps add value to the car, which can be a benefit if you are looking to sell and upgrade.

Diamond-cut alloys are also lighter in weight than standard steel alloys, which helps with agility. For performance cars, diamond-cut alloys can improve overall handling, and help the car maintain its power output.

Now, one disadvantage of diamond-cut alloys is cost. Depending on the wheel size, and the amount of damage, it can be more costly than standard powder-coated refurbishment.

If you have a lease car with diamond-cut alloys, the end-of-lease penalty cost for curb damage or scuffs can be expensive. If you are approaching the end of your lease, we recommend having your alloys checked over and repaired by a professional before you hand your car back to save you money.

Why Choose DWV

We have over 30 years of experience in mobile bodywork, paint, and alloy wheels. Currently, we have over 80 nationwide technicians and dedicated franchise partners, all fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology to ensure your car is repaired to the highest standard and looks showroom ready.

If you go to a traditional body shop the diamond-cutting process can take 2-5 days, meaning your car may be off the road. At DWV, if you are based in the South, we have a mobile diamond lathe technician with 15 years of experience. Using a specialist diamond lathe machine, we can refurbish your alloy, and have you back on the road in a few short hours.

If you have any questions about alloy wheel repair, or you would like a quote, contact DWV today and give your alloy wheels the TLC they deserve.

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