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DWV issues training centre update

Dent Wizard Ventures (DWV) has updates to share from its training centre, located at the DWV headquarters in Leeds.

Paintless dent removal (PDR) can take many years to master, so it is imperative that our new technicians are put through their paces to get it right. Equipped with 25+ years of experience, General Manager (Remarketing) Colin Weir can repair dents in his sleep, but now he is imparting his wisdom to the next generation of DWV technicians.

Here you see a new technician, who is an experienced and competent paint professional, but he is only at the beginning of what could be many years of PDR training and coaching. This is done to ensure that DWV is consistent in its delivery of a quality service for many years to come, and hopefully in the future he will be in a similar position to Colin, passing the torch to the following generation.

DWV has also begun trialling new premium Sikkens UV Primers, which has resulted in positive feedback from our technicians. One of them, Steve from Manchester, said it was a “fantastic product with great build”. We certainly hope the rest of our technicians are in agreement, and that our customers can see the difference.

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