DWV Smart Repair Solutions

DWV updates vehicle fleet and design

DWV’s growth in 2021 has led to a rise in new technicians joining the company, and now DWV has added new vans to its fleet, which will soon become state of the art mobile vehicle repair workshops for our technicians.

These vans are also being decaled with new, updated details to inform the public. We have decided to remove the term “SMART repair solutions” from the vans, because we feel that the term is more commonly recognised in the trade, and the general public aren’t as familiar with it.

The van also features the list of extensive services that DWV provides, with notice of a free quote when you log onto the website. As DWV has managed to achieve over 150,000 repairs this year, this has also been promoted on the back of the vans, acknowledging DWV’s credibility in the industry.

The side of the vans now also features QR codes, which people can scan with their phones, taking them online so that they can receive a free quote from DWV.

Chris Wood, DWV Managing Director said: After another successful year for DWV, updating our fleet made perfect sense, so that we can continue to deliver mobile vehicle repairs around the UK. We are getting ready for the new year with the next delivery of new vans, as well as new van signage and the addition of QR codes, which will make it even easier for customers to find us. We want nothing but the best technicians, vehicles, materials and equipment for our clients and customers.”

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