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Preventing scratches on a new car

Scratches happen, but if you’ve just treated yourself to a new car, we understand how devastating it can be. Whilst it might seem tempting to wrap your car in bubble wrap to prevent it from happening in the future, that’s not advisable! So, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you avoid scratching your new car.

Preventing scratches on a new car paint scratch repairs

Cleaning your car

Instead of our usual car wash facilities, many of us are now picking up a sponge and washing the car ourselves. However, if done incorrectly, this could result in some unwanted scratches, so we recommend that you are careful and follow our simple tips. 

Firstly, ensure that any sponges, chamois, and water buckets you use are thoroughly rinsed and free of any grit. It only takes one small piece of grit nestled in a sponge to scratch your paintwork. 

If you are using a pressure washer, take a couple of steps back. Even the smallest chip can be opened under high pressure, and it could cause your paint to flake away. It may be advisable to use it on a lower setting as well.

Always check you are using car-safe cleaning products. Many household cleaning products can be abrasive and cause discoloration. The same goes for your sponges; steer clear of anything abrasive and opt for a soft sponge in warm water. It is advisable to use well known car cleaning products, not household ones.

Have you thought about paint protection?

There are specially designed paint protection products that you can make use of, including ceramic coatings that help to safeguard your paintwork against minor car scratches and chips.

If you are worried about the general wear and tear of daily driving, you may want to consider having a ceramic coating. Unlike traditional waxes and sealants that provide a superficial film, ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent barrier that bonds with your paintwork for added protection. It also works well on alloy wheels to help them resist scratches from hard bristle cleaning brushes.

Daily use of the car often leads to small scratches around the door sill. To prevent these, door sill protectors can be fitted to most vehicles to help protect your door sills, keeping them looking fresh.

If you have a furry friend, those weekend walks could also cause scratches around the rear bumper from claws. Rear bumper protectors could be just what you need to protect your paintwork from those sharp claws.

Think carefully about where you park

When it’s raining and you’re off to the shops, it can be very tempting to park as close to the store entrance as possible to avoid getting soaked. Unfortunately, parking this close to the shop could leave you open to more dents, scratches, and nasty scuffs.

Tight parking spaces can make it difficult when getting in and out of the car, which could result in accidental door dents from hitting the car next to you. We also advise that you avoid parking too close to public footpaths, where people tend to pass close by with prams, shopping bags, and wheelchairs which can cause dents and scratches to your paintwork. Ideally, if possible, park where there is no vehicle either side.

If you can, try not to park directly beneath a tree. Firstly, you’re more likely to return to some fresh bird droppings, which left untreated can damage your paintwork. Secondly, dripping tree sap can be a real nightmare to remove from your paintwork without using specialist products.

Driving technique

What are your driving habits? If you find yourself driving on unpaved rural roads a lot, try to be mindful of your speed. Loose gravel and stones could flick up against your paintwork, resulting in scratches and stone chips. Similarly, trees and overhanging hedge rows can cause scratches to your paintwork.

During the cold winter months, it’s common to see gritter trucks on the road. Whilst they are there to keep icy conditions at bay, they can be disastrous for your paintwork. If gritting is in progress, hold back and try not to drive at the side of it to avoid the stones hitting your paintwork.

The same applies to daily driving. Try to maintain a safe distance from other road users and never tailgate, as moving cars flick loose stones on the road, which in turn can leave your bonnet riddled with stone chips.

What if I already have damage?

Whilst sometimes it can seem tempting, we can’t protect our cars 24/7. Accidents happen, and that’s where we come in. If you notice any stone chips, dents, scratches, or scuffs to your paintwork, or alloys, our trusted team of nationwide mobile technicians can help with car repairs.

With over 30 years, we specialise in mobile SMART bodywork, paint, and alloy wheel repairs and come directly to you. With over 130 nationwide mobile technicians across the country, we complete 170,000 car repairs each year and are a trusted partner to some of the biggest motor dealerships.

We pride ourselves on our ability to match any paint colour perfectly, and we use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure your repair blends seamlessly.

Repairs can be done on your doorstep in just a few short hours, getting you back on the road that same day. That saves you the hassle and added expense of finding a dedicated bodyshop, where car repairs can take up to four days. For bonnet chips, we would carry out a touch-in repair which, although possibly still noticeable, will protect the integrity of the paintwork. The other option would be a full bonnet respray in a bodyshop, meaning you will lose the car for some time and pay a much more expensive price.

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