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Joining DWV as a franchisee: a SMART decision

Joining DWV as a franchisee: a SMART decision franchisee

Starting a franchise can be a daunting prospect, especially if someone has never worked in the relevant industry before. However, this should not necessarily deter someone from becoming a Franchisee, especially with an established brand such as DWV. Let’s look into this…

Working with DWV means that you will be working with an established brand in a thriving industry. Let’s face it, there are around 33 million cars on the UK roads, and at some point, they will sustain some sort of minor damage. As a result, DWV will always be needed in these situations, whether it’s by members of the public or by companies. The breadth of customers DWV operates with stretches across the nation.

DWV has been operating franchise operations for over 20 years, with many Franchisees being a part of the brand for a considerable amount of time. With such an established brand, and an experienced management team being on hand throughout, it is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is willing to learn and put themselves to a challenge.

Want and desire

DWV will provide the necessary training to get you ready for your franchise journey, and yes, that includes novices and beginners. Even if you have no prior experience in the SMART repair industry, or even in the automotive industry, DWV is ready to put its faith in you. However, we are selective with our recruitment process, and will only offer opportunities to those who can demonstrate that they possess the qualities DWV is looking for.

DWV can give you all the tools and knowledge to grow a business; you just need to have the desire to put your time and energy into it. Building long term relationships between DWV and its Franchisees is what makes so many of them successful, and it sets a fine example for those who are just starting their franchise journey with DWV.

Some of the tools that Franchisees are provided with includes a mobile workshop, allowing Technicians to operate from a fully equipped SMART repair van, meaning they can service retail clients, corporate clients and motor dealers in the local area. There is also a marketing hub available to all Franchisees, who can take any marketing material they may require from this page. Along with this, Franchisees are provided with personalised webpages and social media support for their online presence, as well as credit control and payroll carried out on the Franchisees’ behalf.

Steven Bramley, DWV Franchise Manager said: “There has never been a better time to join the DWV franchise programme than now. The training provided by DWV should give confidence to so many people that they can run their own DWV franchise if they want to. You will have the full support of the company behind you, and we can promise that if you apply yourselves, it will be a very rewarding experience.”

Joining DWV as a franchisee: a SMART decision franchisee

Flexible working

It really is an ideal time to work for yourself, helping you to balance your personal and professional life, all while working for a leading brand in the automotive repair industry. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic teaching many people the value in time with those closest to them, a more flexible working situation has become a very attractive prospect to a lot of people, and DWV is happy to be able to provide such an opportunity.

If you want to find out more information on this incredible opportunity, visit DWV’s dedicated franchise page and get in touch with us by filling out the form at the bottom of the aforementioned page.

Hear from our franchisees

Joining DWV as a franchisee: a SMART decision franchisee

“The support I’ve received from DWV has really helped me grow my business. I now spend more time with the family than ever before. I would highly recommend joining DWV if you are an ambitious person looking to be your own boss.”

Stewart Finlay
DWV Franchisee, Bolton

Joining DWV as a franchisee: a SMART decision franchisee

“I made the decision to become a DWV Franchisee in 2015. Initially I ran one vehicle, but demand was so high that I quickly needed a second vehicle. The business has gone from strength to strength and I now operate five vans. I would personally recommend that you consider a DWV franchise; the support, and particularly the credit control management services, are second to none.”

Ian Wooffindin
DWV Franchisee, Sheffield

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