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Technicians expand their skillset

DWV’s dedicated wheel repair technicians have been training at the company’s headquarters in Leeds, as they develop their skills and learn how to become combined paint & wheel technicians.

DWV is consistently investing in its technician team, whether it be training, vehicles or equipment. For 2022, DWV has a full programme of personal development training scheduled for its technicians, starting with the basics, and progressing all the way through to advanced paint, blending and rectification techniques.

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training continues successfully

DWV’s upskill training continues with a focus on panel preparation, application of base coats, inspection, panel paint and blend, inspection and a final finish of topcoat.

update: Three stage pearl process

As our technicians go through their final stages of training, they have recently been learning about the three-stage pearl process. A fairly complicated process, this involves applying three layers of paint to a vehicle: a base colour, a translucent pearl, and finally a clear coat finish.

It is important to have our technicians be ready for when they start working on customer repairs, so that they can tackle any job. We wish them every success going forward as they start their career as skilled paint technicians!

investing in the Dwv technician team

Recent additions to the team of DWV technicians have expanded our service capabilities. Recent recruits Sarah Greenaway, Nathan Lee, Adrian Priestley and Gavin Weiford were put through their paces at DWV’s training centre in Leeds and are now ready to tackle the wide variety of jobs they will face with the company.

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Training continues at DWV headquarters

Another of DWV’s wheel technicians, Dave, has gone through upskill training at the Leeds training centre. This will enable him to perform paint and wheel repairs to DWV’s usual high standard.

Investment in technicians is key to DWV, as they are at the forefront of maintaining our high standard of repairs. If you think you have what it takes to join the DWV team, click here and we would be happy to hear from you.

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