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Why you should choose DWV over a bodyshop

DWV repairs come with a host of distinct advantages compared to a traditional bodyshop. DWV has revolutionised the repair industry – we’re trusted to repair over 170,000 cars per year. Here’s why working with DWV is the smartest choice for your car repair.

Nationwide coverage

No matter where you are in the UK, DWV can provide you with a service. Our high-tech mobile repair vans operate throughout the entirety of the mainland UK, and we come to you! There is no need to research the nearest garage that provides the services you need – we bring it to your doorstep.

Fast, convenient service

When using a repair shop, you may have to wait weeks for an appointment. If you manage to get one, it can then take days to fix your car, leaving you carless and waiting around for that phone call to come and collect it. Not with DWV! Our repairs take an average of just 90 minutes.

Why you should choose DWV over a bodyshop
Repairs take an average of just 90 minutes.

You won’t be without your car with DWV, and with the benefit of it being done on your driveway or place of work, you don’t need to arrange to go to collect your car either. You can watch our technicians perform their expert services right in front of you, with no waiting around for parts or the right mechanic to be in!

Cheaper than you think

Not only are DWV repairs much more convenient, but they are also generally cheaper. With our instant quote service, there are no nasty surprises. Simply enter the type of damage done to your vehicle and upload photos, and you will hear back from our expert technicians to let you know exactly how much to expect to pay before arranging a visit from them.

Highly qualified technicians

All our technicians undergo rigorous training on their equipment. You can be sure that the DWV technician that comes to repair your vehicle will do a top job and will talk you through every step of the process. Our Nationwide Network of Technicians are trained in the latest processes and equipment to ensure they achieve an excellent standard of repair. Frequent refresher training on new processes and innovations in equipment and products is key to ensuring we stay at the forefront of our industry.

Guaranteed repairs

Many repair shops offer gimmicky “lifetime” guarantees that are thin on detail and hard to understand. DWV provides a transparent, no-quibbles two-year guarantee. If the quality of the workmanship or materials leads to a failure within two years, we will come and fix it for free – yet another reason why DWV should be your first port of call for vehicle repairs.

Why you should choose DWV over a bodyshop
DWV repairs 170,00 vehicles every year!

Industry experts

DWV has been in the auto repair industry for over 20 years. We have a nationwide network of highly qualified technicians that repair over 170,000 cars per year. If that wasn’t enough, we have over 15,000 validated Trustpilot reviews averaging an “Excellent” rating at 4.8/5. If you need car TLC, think DWV! So, now you know why DWV is a much better and more convenient option than using a bodyshop! If you need a repair on your car, why not get a quote from our quote page – or simply go to dwv.co.uk, click on the top right “get a quote” and leave the rest to us – we come to your home or office with our fully equipped van.

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