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DWV reflects on recent achievements

After an unprecedented 2020 full of barriers and uncertainty, DWV went into 2021 with renewed hope that with a new location and a lifting of previous covid-19 restrictions, that a new chapter would begin for the business. Now, the business can hold its head up high and be proud of its achievements in 2021.

Below is a swift reminder of some of the activities that we undertook at DWV in the previous calendar year.

Over 170,000 repairs in the year

With technicians based around the UK, DWV managed to complete over 170,000 repairs in 2021, fixing alloy wheel damage, paint scratches and dents. The company is already aiming to top that number in 2022, with its network of highly skilled, experienced technicians ready to provide quick, affordable and quality repairs to customers nationwide.

DWV reflects on recent achievements

To see the list of services available from DWV, please visit the dent repairs, paint repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment and repair pages.

Expanded and updated the mobile fleet

DWV invested in several new mobile workshops to help the business fulfil orders at a faster rate, so that our fully trained and dedicated SMART technicians could continue to offer our efficient and effective service across the UK.

A number of vans that were ordered towards the end of the year feature new DWV decals, listing DWV’s extensive number of services, and QR codes which passing pedestrians can scan with their phones to take them to DWV’s website for a free quote.

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Launched a new, updated website

In the summer, DWV launched a newly branded website. This includes multiple new features for customers to make use of, including locations of franchises, their contact details, their social media links, the opportunity to view examples of work carried out, and localised customer feedback.

Designed for a more user-friendly experience, the website has been a big hit, and has provided excellent benefits to our customers nationwide with its clear structure and helpful features.

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Installed a Rowley paint mixing booth

DWV unveiled a new Rowley paint booth and mixing room at its headquarters in Leeds, which has been used to maintain the quality of DWV’s paint repairs through the training and development of its staff, ensuring the company continues to enhance its stellar reputation in the mobile vehicle repair industry.

New DWV franchisees have also benefitted from access to the facility, along with technicians who have wanted to further their skill set within an industry-leading environment.

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Prioritising environmental standards

Obtaining the widely recognised ISO 14001 certification for environmental performance highlights DWV’s commitment to creating a more sustainable workplace that will ultimately contribute to a healthier planet.

DWV reflects on recent achievements

Some of the steps the company has taken to reduce environmental impact includes switching to energy saving motion sensor lights in offices, using 100% renewable energy suppliers, and the use of a specialist waste management company to ensure all hazardous waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

For the full story, please click here, and to read the environmental statement in full, please click here.

Voted Team of the Year by Car Care Plan

DWV reflects on recent achievements

After joining DWV just before the first lockdown in 2020, the new team had to wait before they were able to work together at head office. Nevertheless, they persevered through the restrictions and overcame many obstacles in 2021 to earn the title of Team of the Year, as voted by Car Care Plan.

This was a particular highlight after a tough couple of years where the team, at times, had to develop their skills remotely, and it just goes to show the commitment and desire of each and every one of them.

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Expanding the team

Recent additions to the team of DWV technicians has expanded our service capabilities. New recruits Sarah Greenaway, Nathan Lee, Adrian Priestley and Gavin Weiford have been put through their paces at DWV’s training centre in Leeds and are now ready to tackle the wide variety of jobs they will face with the company.

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As we begin 2022, DWV has achieved a milestone of over 11,000 Trustpilot reviews.

DWV reflects on recent achievements

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