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Should I get my alloy wheels repaired?

Be honest, how many times have you pulled in a little too close and curbed your alloy? Besides sounding awful, it can spoil the overall aesthetic of your car, leading you to question whether you should get your alloy wheels repaired.

Is it worth getting my alloy wheels repaired?

In short, our answer is always yes. Whether you are nearing the end of your lease, or you own the car outright, damaged alloys could end up costing more than you bargained for, if ignored.

Besides making your car look older, alloy wheel damage exposes your wheel to salt and other chemicals on the road, which could lead to corrosion. Whilst corrosion is only a cosmetic issue, it can slowly start to spread, eating into the rest of your wheel and therefore making repairs more costly.

For lease cars, once you reach the end of your contract your lease company will conduct a thorough inspection of your car, to check for signs of damage to wheels and trims, chips or dents on the bodywork, and scuffs, scratches, and scrapes to the paintwork. This could result in you having to pay lease-end penalty charges, which again can be expensive.

That is why we recommend having your alloy wheels repaired by a professional as soon as possible.

Alloy wheel repair

The first step in alloy wheel repair is to clean the area thoroughly, which will reveal the full extent of the damage and allow us to review the overall alloy health. Our wheel experts are trained to determine the current state of your alloy, and we don’t compromise when it comes to the final finish, meaning you can expect nothing but the best possible result.

Should I get my alloy wheels repaired? alloy wheel repairs

Next, we will remove your alloy wheel to begin preparation. Your alloy will be carefully sanded to remove the damage, and a filler will be applied if required. A final sanding process is completed to ensure it is smooth, and the area blends into the rest of the alloy.

It’s now time for primer and paint. When it comes to colour, we pride ourselves on our ability to match any shade. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to match the colour of your wheel and mix it. Once the paint is applied, we will cure it using heat lamps.

Should I get my alloy wheels repaired? alloy wheel repairs

Finally, we will thoroughly inspect the alloy to ensure everything looks right, and your alloy looks ‘as good as new’. Now, it’s time to put the alloy back on your car, making sure each bolt is tightened to the manufacturer’s specifications. Bolts tightened incorrectly can be dangerous, as they can come loose and cause the wheel to become dislodged.

Now your alloys are finished and looking showroom ready again – you can stand back and admire.

Aftercare for refurbished alloy wheels

Once your repair is complete, there are some tips we recommend following to keep them looking fresh. First, we advise that you don’t wash the car for at least 24 hours. This helps to ensure any materials, including primers and paint are dry. You should also try to avoid the use of any chemicals, including tyre shine and alloy wheel cleaner.

It is also good practice to check your tyre pressures and inflate them according to the manufacturers guide.

Why choose DWV?

With over 30 years of experience in mobile bodywork, paint, and alloy wheel repairs, we repair over 200,000 cars each year and are a trusted partner to some of the biggest motor dealerships in the country.

We currently have over 80 technicians, and 50 franchise partners nationwide who are fully mobile, and come directly to you. All our smart repairs can be carried out on your doorstep, saving you the hassle and expense of finding a dedicated bodyshop.

If you have any questions about alloy wheel repair, or you would like a quote, contact DWV today and give your alloy wheels the TLC they deserve.

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