DWV Smart Repair Solutions

New technician runs through induction

DWV has recently appointed Grant as a technician, and the company has been putting him through his paces during his induction.

He has completed the basics of masking, filler and prep work, and has recently been trained on the new UV products being rolled out throughout the DWV network. From there, he went on to more advanced repairs covering 3-stage pearlescent, alloy wheel and rectification skills.

New technician runs through induction
DWV’s new technician Grant

Chris Wood, DWV Managing Director said: “We always want to ensure that the quality of work from our technicians is high, so that our reputation continues to be unmatched in the SMART repair industry. This is why we put our new technicians through the induction process, and we are confident that Grant will do us proud and fulfil his role as a qualified technician.”

Grant joins the DWV team as we start to see repairs volumes grow into spring and summer. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the DWV ranks, please visit this page and apply online.

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