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As franchisor, DWV is proud to have a network of successful, professional, and profitable automotive repair franchisees, many with multiple technicians working for them. This has not been achieved through chance, but by being selective and awarding licences to applicants who show real determination, want and desire: this is where we excel.

The fact that we are in the SMART repair business is secondary. What is our main goal though? DWV is in the business of helping people, through determination and hard work, grow a successful and profitable franchise business and potentially change their lives. We AWARD franchise licences based on the applicant, we do not just “sell” licences.

Whether you are seeking an improved work-life balance, or you want to retire earlier, or emigrate in the long term, or whatever it is you desire, it is possible with a DWV franchise. However, as previously mentioned, you must have the want and desire to achieve your goal – only then will you start to see the fruits of your labour.

Ultimately, with a business that is essentially self-sufficient with your own localised customer base, and the support of the DWV brand, you will create something that one day, others will want to purchase from you when the time is right to exit, or you may want to pass the business on to a family member. Whatever your desire, we will certainly help you get there!

Do you want to learn more? Continue scrolling through our Franchise pages on the Franchise menu to see if we are the right fit for your franchise journey!

testimonials from our franchisees

Mike Mullin
I joined DWV as a franchise in June 2013, taking on the Cheshire and North Wales areas. The decision was a brave one as I had very little experience in car body repairs and didn’t, at the time, live there so it was a massive gamble. I was driven by my passion of cars, wanting to run my own business and be successful. Fast forward to now: I am still growing and making good money. I have a group of dealerships on board and I’m enjoying every minute. The decision to become a DWV Franchisee isn’t for everyone, but if you’re confident, keen to succeed and self-driven, you could build yourself a future.
Jim Crossland
The training was superb and the accounts support is invaluable. It’s your own business with no limits on how big you become. You’re not tied into buying products from the franchise – you are free to shop around to get the best deals. You’re buying into a big and trusted name in the business. If you have a problem of any description, there’s always a number of experienced people at your disposal. Overall, being part of DWV gives you a very professional image.
Stewart Finlay
The support I’ve received from DWV has really helped me grow my business. I now spend more time with the family than ever before. I would highly recommend joining DWV if you are an ambitious person looking to be your own boss.
Ian Wooffindin
I made the decision to become a DWV Franchisee in 2015. Initially I ran one vehicle, but demand was so high that I quickly needed a second vehicle. The business has gone from strength to strength and I now operate five vans. I would personally recommend that you consider a DWV franchise; the support, and particularly the credit control management services, are second to none.
Martin Nietrzebka
With the strength of the DWV brand behind me, the decision to purchase my own franchise was an obvious one. The business now operates three vehicles in the South Yorkshire area and continues to grow. I have no hesitation in recommending DWV as your chosen Franchisor, as they have been with me every step of the way.

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